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MacBook Latest Version: Apple Security Update 2022

MacBook Latest Version: Apple Security Update 2021

MacBook latest version has been released recently. The latest update of Apple security is the brand new 11.3.1. Apple surprised us with this update. What does it entail? Is it necessary for you? Well, I’m going to go over all the things you need to know the security parts of it, the safari parts, the sizes, how long it takes to install?

Here you will get all the answers to these questions in this article. So keep reading.

Apple Security Update 2022

The first thing everyone needs to know about the Apple security update 2022 is what is included in the 11.3.1 update, and why would Apple release this update so soon after the 11.3 updates?

Well, I’ve got good news for you. Apple is really on the ball, taking care of security vulnerabilities when they are known to be out there in the wild, and this is what this update is about.

It’s focused on security. Apple says they are aware of a report that these two vulnerabilities have been actively exploited in the wild. Let’s have a look at that a little bit closer here.

The security content page of macOS Big Sur 11.3.1 talks about the security fixes in the 11.3.1 update, and there are two very important ones for a website that we have to worry about. Apple says these two vulnerabilities are being exploited in the wild right now.

So the idea is that Apple found this out, these two security researchers reported it, and they made a fix. They put it into this point release update and got out there as soon as possible, and this is great because if we install this now, it can protect us against these vulnerabilities that are out there in the wild. That’s why it’s important.

MacBook Latest Version: 11.3.1 Update

The good news about this update is it doesn’t matter where you are. In the Big Sur updates, you will get all the fixes in the 11.3.1 update, and that’s why the update size changes.

If you need to go to 11.3.1, the update is only 2.4 GB in size. So to get to 11.3, it has to include all the fixes in 11.3 and the security fixes in 11.3.1 and now weigh in at 5.7 GB. So that’s the explanation for the update sizes. So when I installed this, it took a little bit of time to prepare on M1 Mac.

Latest Version: 11.3.1

MacBook Latest Version: 11.3.1 Update

Once that’s done and downloaded, it restarts to the installer like normal and takes about 15 minutes to install. So it’s a pretty quick update. It’s one of the smaller ones that are out there.

So that’s the update size. The next thing we need to talk about is the update to the safari. We talked about WebKit. If you look at safari on an M1, we can see that it ends in dot six.

If you open up one of the previous ones on 11.3, you can see that the safari is version ends in three. So you can see that safari was updated here and most likely to take care of these vulnerabilities. So let’s talk a little bit more about the update sizes.

The good news is that Apple immediately released the full installer, and I’ve got that here in my complete installer database. I updated that with the build version, and I’m still waiting on the app version; I’ll update that as soon as I get it.

I also updated the Apple Mq full Mac Operating System restore database with the IPSW file. So that’s all taken care of too. If you need that, download that right there.

Versioning Number Of These Updates

The other thing is that I want to mention the versioning number. So when we got 11.3.1, the first number was the significant number. So next year, what or this coming year when Apple releases macOS 12, that’s what it’s going to be the next one is the minor.

So 11.3, usually the following number is a dot release or a point release. So is point one and point one usually releasing anything that is a security-related fix or an emergency fix that needs to be put in like someone’s reporting it?

After installing the update, something may bad happen. So those are what those point or dot releases are like 11.3.1. So that’s why the 0.1 release was released today. Because it was due to security. If you have an Apple silicon M1, Mac, the firmware was not updated.

So, guys, I think these are enough for this article. Here I mentioned all the required information about the MacBook latest Operating System version or Apple security update 2021. Here I always tried to add accurate data.

If you got any fault in this article, please inform us of the right one by adding a little comment in the following comment box. Please stay linked to our site and don’t miss the daily updates. If you are interested in reading more articles like this, read; Macbook Pro Tutorials For Beginners.

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