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[Mac Buying Guide] Is Buying Macbook Air (2020) Worth It In 2022?

Is The Macbook Air Worth It

If someone asks you, Is the Macbook Air 2020 worth it? What will be your answer? In the present world, Apple is a reliable and trusted company; worldwide, it has crores of customers. Every year they try to bring some surprising products to the market to wake up their customers. In the year 2020, their most wondrous product was Macbook Air 2020.

It was one of the most expected things for the MacBook lover. MacBook Air was released on 18th March 2020, with a fantastic design that could charm anyone.

This product has so many new and amazing features which were not in the previous MacBooks. Let’s talk about the new features of the MacBook Air and what has been determined for this product is all right or not.

Who Should Buy A 2020 MacBook Air?

First of all, you have to know why you are are are going to buy the MacBook Air 2020. Several persons have several needs, and of course, the MacBook Air is not perfect for all conditions.

The MacBook Air is most suitable for students and travelers who travel frequently. This product is for users who primarily use their computers, such as internet browsing, email checking, and other light needs.

We will know all about the Macbook Air with a question in our mind “Is The Macbook Air Worth It?”

What’s More On 2020 MacBook Air?

The previous generation of MacBook air had underwhelming, so it came back from the last stage to be great. But, Apple has brought the features to MacBook Air 2020, which should be on the previous version.

Now no one shouldn’t have the objection to introducing this product as one of the great products of Apple. It seems Apple checked all the following topics with the MacBook Air 2020.

But is the Macbook Air worth it?

Is The Macbook Air Worth It

MacBook Air:

Magic Keyboard

Magic Keyboard is one of the most surprising features of the MacBook Air 2020. The previous version of the MacBook consisted of the Butterfly keyboard, that was a troublemaker, a breaker of keys, and some general nuisance. But Apple brings all the solutions to the MacBook Air 2020, which has the Magic Keyboard clicky, reliable, and awesome.

Double Base Storage

The MacBook Air is the first laptop of Apple that has double base storage, 256 GB. Almost all the previous Apple laptops have consisted of only 128 GB of internal storage, but after years of struggling, they keep 265 GB of internal storage in the MacBook Air 2020. Undoubtedly it is a significant change. Another advantage is increasing the storage up to 2TB according to your needs.

High-performance RAM

Another fantastic concept of the MacBook Air 2020 is High-performance RAM. The RAM performance is slightly higher than the previous laptop’s RAM speed. MacBook Air features 3,733 MHz LPDDR4X memory, whereas the previous model had 2,133 MHz LPDDR3.

CPU Options

Though a dual-core Core i3 chip includes an on-base configuration, you can install a quad-core, Core i5, or even i7 whenever you need more performance for more serious work. Also, the 10th-generation Intel chips are pretty good than the previous generations.

But is the Macbook Air worth it?

Intel Iris Pro Graphics

There is a revolutionary change in the graphics card of the MacBook Air 2020. The Intel Iris Pro Graphics card has been included in MacBook Air 2020, which offers 80 percent better performance than the previous generation.

To know more about Intel Iris Pro Graphics

6K External Monitor Support

Sometimes it requires a double monitor for some critical works. However, the MacBook Air 2020 lets you connect an external monitor with up to 6K resolution. And the 6K monitor runs very smoothly with a 60 Hz refresh rate.


If you want to buy the base model of the MacBook Air, you need to pay only $999. And you will be surprised to hear that the MacBook Air price is $100 less than the previous version. It seems to be very attractive on this budget.

But, though you have to pay quite low for the exclusive device, is the Macbook Air worth it?

Macbook Air (2020) Review After One Month Of Use

After its release, I brought a MacBook Air 2020, and I have been using it for one month. Here I will share the experience I achieve after using the MacBook Air for one month. So let’s get started.

At First, The Good Experiences

Though it is impossible to get an electronics device without faults, the Apple company tries to make the products more accurate and perfect. Also, there is a programming fact on the electronics device; it’s not perfect. So every time, users have to consider some things.

I loved The Outlook

First of all, let’s talk about the outlook of the MacBook Air 2020. If you want the premium look, I would prefer the MacBook air 2020 because there is no alternative to this product. So I have no hesitation in saying that I have fallen in love with the look of the MacBook Air 2020.

But is the Macbook Air worth it? Let’s talk more.

No Regrets With 8GB Memory

If you asked me which device in the world is best for RAM management? I want to say it is Apple. Whenever I use my Mac, I am surprised to see its RAM management techniques.

Sometimes peoples charge extra for the RAM, but the excellent performance of 8GB RAM in the MacBook Air 2020 gives me tranquility. But if you are going to do some heavy work through your MacBook Air, you may need to install more RAM instead of the base RAM.

Some Of My Bad Experiences

As I said before, it is normal to have some bad experiences with any electronic device because of the differences in everyone’s choices. Though the MacBook Air was good for me, it also has some bad things. And these bad things may give you a space to think again, is the Macbook Air worth it?

Where Are All My Ports?

It is disappointed me a lot; even I can’t understand why Apple is giving only a couple of USB type-c ports and one headset jack on the MacBook Air 2020? Whereas the previous versions have three USB type-c ports and one headset jack. Yes, I agree that it is thinner, but the concept of a port doesn’t convince me.

Kernel Extensions

Another lousy feeling with MacBook Air is the Kernel Extensions. It is very annoying when I change the security setting to add the Kernel extension. Even the kernel extension requires a reboot or two and some non-obvious navigation.

Screen Brightness Eats Battery Life

Through using my Mac, I noticed that the screen brightness of my Mac was eating my battery a lot. The screen consumes most of the battery power when it is in full brightness mode. I got only 2-3 hours of battery backup in full brightness mode.

Overall Performance

So it’s time to talk about the overall performance of the MacBook Air 2020. I have accepted all the MacBook’s bad things because there are many excellent features. If we talk about ‘Overall, the MacBook is okay,’ I would like to say it is okay.

Are you still stuck on the question, “Is The Macbook Air Worth It?”

Is The Macbook Air Worth It?

I probably said that MacBook Air is the first internal upgrade for this laptop and was redesigned in 2018. It is the laptop for what I was looking for. I loved this laptop. Just think about the budget and then compare its features.

You are going to get a premium-level laptop within a cheap budget. So if you are thinking about buying a MacBook, I suggest the MacBook Air 2020 because it is worth it (read about the latest M1 MacBook Air).

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